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Motor City Mods: Rockmod, Maggie, Clean, Mashall2555x

Sacred Groove: SGX (Red and Blue), Mk2203, Mk2204, Criminal

Salvation: 100R, Benzin (Channel 3), Camerock, C-Watt (DR and Custom), Dreadplate (Red and Orange), Duoplex, Graphic OR, Humble (Clean and OD), JJ Dirt (Standard and JBE), Knucklemod, Mamba, MarkUS (Scooped, Recto, and Clean), Matchvox (Vox- low and gain, Match- low and gain), Rhoadie (Randy- low and high gain, Riot- low and high gain), Selma (Clean and Grit), Stonerverb, Twinface (Twin- clean and pushed, DLX- clean and pushed), Vamp (Clean and Pushed), Vishnu, Salvado X99 (Clean, Crunch, and OD), Terrier, Loneclean, Mashall+, Legend, T-Watt, Shiver,

Jaded Faith: MKC+, Chiefton

All cabs (V30, Lynchback, Alnico Blue, and Classic Lead 80 Vintage) plus DI files....