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Banned Module


Image of Banned Module

Rock 'n' roll history in one module? Yes! Our old classic module had to be renamed, but circuit is still the same. Our gold classic is back, stronger than before.

Let us proudly introduce BANNED !

BANNED preamp uses Salvation genuine gainstage-switching architecture never used in modules before. The Stage I and II switches offers 4 combinations that covers 4 different classic tones.

Based on:

(Stages 1 & 2 Off)
First legendary British amp famous by 4 inputs and front panel made of plexiglass. From clean to crunch, from Californication to Purple Haze.

(Stage 1 On, Stage 2 Off)
Based on another British legend famous under name 800. Classic rock amp tone with great dynamic and powerfull tone. Zakk or Kerry by flick of switch.

(Stage 1 Off, Stage 2 On)
Famous modification of above mentioned plexi circuit made famous as "brown sound", thick tone ready for eruption.

(Stages 1 & 2 On)
Most higain amp from this British legend, when vintage meets modern and tone is more RED than brown.

Voicing switch:
Switches between two Tonestack EQ curves, one is OPEN (SWITCH UP) known from bluesbreaking combo or super bass amps, second is FAT (SWICTH DOWN), fatter and thicker, for classic voicing with genuine prominent mids.


Four famous legendary British tones
Bright switch
Stage I and II switches
Saturation switch - for more modern compression
Voicing switch FAT/OPEN
Design-true classic-Gold
Black knobs (optional)

***Please be advised of an approximate 1 month waiting period for your module to arrive custom built just for you.....Thanks!