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Buddy Module


Image of Buddy Module

Buddy module is based on a famous boutique American amplifier Budda® Superdrive 60 with a unique vintage/modern feeling and very expressive voicings.

The character of Buddy's overdrive is very distinct, with deep bass, warm and punchy mids and a clear high end. This type of distortion quality is very harmonically rich and is very friendly when blended with other amps. It sits very well in any mix. With its wide range of gain, aggresive bite, awesome dynamic and full complex tone, it is a great choice for everyone who find the glut of Marshall and Fender clones on the market to be commonplace and tiresome. The Buddy sets itself apart and though it has the same familiar feel people will recognize it is definitely a classic of its own, destined to make its own legacy.

There’s additional pull - MODERN switch on the Master pot - this widens the frequency sweep for a slightly different midrange. There is also optional new feature: additional CHANNEL switch on MIDDLE pot which offers clean channel based on the same amazing amplifier.

Let this module be your BUDDY and you will be a winner on any stage.