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Camerica Module


Image of Camerica Module

Simple and straightforward module, brother of famous CAMEROCK module
based on Cameron® Atomica amp (famous variation of Jose circuit).

High gain amp on HI mode, on LO mode hotrodded plexi with unique saturation.

Meet Camerica!

Why a new mod in this genre!? Well it is simple. Literally. The Camerock has an array of great tones and attacks, but not every user wants to explore all the advantages of such an array of features as the Camerock's two series gain pots and associated bright switches. So we have designed another mod in similiar genre. It is based on the much simpler of the Cameron® Amps line, Atomica.

The original Atomica has one gain pot and one Edge switch, so it is a lot easier to dial up the right tone. In addition, Atomica has two inputs with radically different sensitivity (hi/lo switch on Camerica).

Utilizing more great user feedback, we have also added a Presence knob succesfully used on our Dreadplate mod in spring 2012 to taper the brightness exactly to your liking.

Hence, Camerica. It's THAT simple to ROCK.