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Chupacabra Module


Image of Chupacabra Module

Hi Gain module, replaces legendary and discontinued 1666 module

Hide your livestock and other modules! Here comes the Chupacabra! Fat aggressive hi-gain, very tight and very variable. This is a Salvation Mods special recipe from ingredients of Bogner®, Splawn®, Groove Tubes®, Mesa/Boogie® and own design!

It is a very aggressive high gain module. Upgraded from the classic Salvation 1666 mod, it’s versatility expanded and tone tuned to perfection. This module is ultra versatile, you can play everything from blues rock to death metal with this thing. Articulation, versatility and power - this is shortest possible description of the Salvation Mods Chupacabra.


Noise gate switch
CLAWS changes gain structure: crunch - Hi gain - Extra hi-gain
GROWL changes upper mids - from left to right : Classic (marshallesque mids), open (scoopier tone, similar voicing to some Engl amps), Thick (Rectoish growling mids)