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Custom 3 Module


Image of Custom 3 Module

Modulized 3rd channel of CAE (Custom Audio Amplification®) 3+SE preamp.

This mod is modeled after the 2nd and 3rd channel of the CAE® 3+SE preamp (Custom Audio Amplification®), a classic preamp used by Megadeth, and other metal musicians as well as other famous guitar heroes like Steve Lukather. It holds a Marshall® flavour, but tighter and more aggressive. It is also very pick sensitive at high gain, one of most transparent higain preamps, with unique dynamic.

The Crunch/Lead switch switches between less compressed and lower gain crunch (2nd) and smoother lead tones (3rd). The STD./SE (aka. DAVE/MARTY) switch changes the voice, this change is mostly in the higher mids. Switchable mod reflects real difference in circuit between CAE 3+ and CAE 3+SE preamps.


BRIGHT switch
STD/SE switch
TIGHT switch
PLUS switch (gain boost for 3rd channel)