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Dread Plate Module


Image of Dread Plate Module

Modulized preamp of Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier with Extra Features. Upgraded Dead Plate mod.

You want the ultimate recto sound? You got it! This mod is full of that classic Dual Rec tone, with extra features that takes it to 11! Use the 3-way tight switch to recreate different rectifier responses in the low end, and the Orange/Red switch to choose your voicing. Unique to this mod is the Kick circuit. Specially designed for the Dreadplate, it adds gain and clarity/tightness in one switch. It’s like having a tubescreamer in front of your amp!

Since April 2012 newest addition: PRESENCE POT for fine tuning of high end. This feature turns module even closer to DR amp than before!!


Noise Gate switch
Kick switch - (pre mid and gain boost)
Orange/Red recto channel voicing switch
PRESENCE pot - passive presence pot as used on RED CHANNEL on Dual Rectifier.