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Duoplex Module


Image of Duoplex Module

Based on Marshall® 1959 Plexi amp.

The best Old Plexi. The amp that write history of Rock´n´roll. Based on Marshall® 1959 Plexi amp. This module has a new and unique option to BLEND two channels together. It works in the same way like the old trick used often on Plexi amps - with two channels "bridged" together by a short cable.

The Duoplex is equipped with separate Gain controls for the High Treble (equipped with Bright switch) and the Normal (flat - fuller sounding) channel.

In addition to the parallel mode, it has a STACKED mode, which switches these two channels in SERIES. In this mode it works like the famous "one wire mod" used for example on Randy Rhoads’ signature 1959. In STACKED mode both Gain controls are active in series and it offers variety of tones from saturated crunch to nice fat and juicy higain tone.


2 Parallel or stacked channels
Gain knob per channel
JTM/JCM voicing switch
Stacked switch