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MarkUS Module


Image of MarkUS Module

Module based on Mesa/Boogie® Mark series preamp.

The first module to capture true Mesa Mark amplifier’s tone and circuit! This is a very different/unique module because it puts the tonestack before gainstages in the same way as on Mark Amps. This means tons of liquid tone and sustain, tight or heavy depending on your favorite EQ settings.

Thanks to the pre-gain EQ it offers the most controllable attack and dynamic shaping of all modules and most amps. The mid shift affects the tonestack, due to placement of tonestack before gainstages it affects mainly the feel and dynamic rather than the colour of the tone.

An additional EQ shape switch recreates the popular settings of the post-gain Graphic EQ: Flat (no EQ added) and V-shaped (boosting bass and highs), the most popular GEQ setting from mesa Mark amps.


GATE switch
LEAD DRIVE stacked gain pot
EQ SHAPE switch (Flat/V)
MID SHIFT (on/off)