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Matchvox Module


Image of Matchvox Module

Based on VOX® AC30 and Matchless® DC30 amp.

The first hybrid module of the MTS world! This mod combines the VOX® AC30 and Matchless® DC30. A unique feature is the completely rewired tonestack. Original Voxes use special EQ where there’s only a bass and treble which works in particular frequencies. It gives unique VOXy jangly tone. This was recreated for the MatchVox, which allows for another control: Cut. The cut control is a sort of passive presence circuit which slices off the highest frequencies as you turn it up. This control works backwards - in AC30 way.

The MATCH/VOX switch changes the gain structure, to give you a choice of those two classic tones. Then there’s a “Custom EQ” switch (aka SPICE switch), which adds in the mids that are lacking in the original tones, greatly increasing the tonal palette.


MATCH/VOX switch
2 knob VOXy EQ
passive presence CUT control
Gain boost switch (classic/boost)
Custom EQ switch (aka SPICE switch)