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MDA Board


Image of MDA Board

Replacement boards for Randall AMPS RM50, RM100, RM22 and RM20 will turn your amp into whole new dimension. Designed for easy and fast change, by user.
(MDA = Move Da Air)

Sometimes the Randall power amp seems to be too "sterille" or "Stiff".

Changed board adds clarity and missing midrange. Sound is fullbodied, more present, more "in your face". Much better pronounced in mix. The board even has one more gadget for tweakers: If the change in sound is too big for your taste, you can plug small jumper into special small connector, you can see it by side of CN1. Then this mod sound like MIX between stock Randall and new mode. Jumper is supplied with board too.

With Density knob in normal (PUSH) position it is stock Randall as we know it. When you pull Density pot, the Density function is disabled. Power amp now sounds quite different with fuller and strong body, more push, better pronounced in band situation or mix!