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S1S0 Module


Image of S1S0 Module

Based on Peavey® 5150I, 5150II and a feature insipred by EVH 5150III

Heavy, full, liquid, brutal, searing, fat hi-gain. This is a modification based on the Peavey® 5150 , legend of 90´s rock, hardcore and metal bands. It is equipped with switches that modify the preamp circuit according to different versions of 5150/6505 amps.
I/II switches between classic 5150 (older-bassier) and 5150 II (tighter). By combining the Fire switch with mode II, it can get close to the 5150 III (Fender version).


Noise gate switch
I/II switch
FIRE switch -3 position gain boost (Crunch/standard/gain boost)
Mid Sweep pot - with marked "stock S1S0" position