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Terrier Module


Image of Terrier Module

Based on VHT® amps (crossover between GP3 and Deliverance amp).

VHT/Fryette® is an icon in the amp world. Known for their clarity and dynamics, this tone had to be captured in a module! This modification is a crossover between the Pitbull, GP3 and Deliverance preamps, which makes for a very pick responsive sound! The tone is clear and unforgiving, not for wimps!


Gain Voicing pot - serves as a tone shaping control, counter-clockwise for crisp and articulate, clockwise for thick an saturated.
HI GAIN switch selects another tube gain stage on or off.
EDGE: Frequency-dependent gain boost. Enhances upper string harmonics and sustain.
DEEP switch - sets amount if lows before gainstages for more tightness or more liquid sound.