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Xtacy Module


Image of Xtacy Module

Modulized preamp of famous Bogner® Ecstasy amp.

Fat, smooth and full of harmonics! Based on the Bogner® Ecstasy’s preamp, this modification uses the same features as the original to be as close and as tweakable as possible! This means there is a 3 position pre-eq switch and a red/blue channel switch. Besides this there’s the old/new switch, which chooses a pre- or post-2004 circuit on Red channel . The newer has a more modern colour with more high-end. The structure switch does gain boost or reduction for both channels. Structure UP gives less gain and a more bluesy tone, Structure DOWN is higher in gain with modern saturation on both channels. A tight switch is added for more versatility.


3 position PRE EQ switch
Blue/Red channel switch
OLD/NEW switch (Red channel only)
"STRUCTURE" switch
Tight switch (on/off)
Design: gold anniversary faceplate