Fedner Deluxe


36 Profiles and 2 Performances made from a 1960s Fender Deluxe Amplifier. The classic cleans and breakup that made Fender Amps famous are all here.
The magic of this amp has many facets, therefore the pack is comprised of 3 different sets of Clean, Low Gain (LG), Mid Gain (MG), and High Gain (HG). The sets include:
Cool (Amp running at recommended bias and gain)
Warm (Amp running warmer than usual resulting in a thicker and warmer sound)
Hot (Amp being pushed to the max without blowing up resulting in a satisfying tone that would normally kill your tubes in hours)
There are two 212s and complete DI.
212A is a Custom 212 using a Celestion Redback and Fender CTS.
212B is also a Custom 212 using a Celestion A-Type and a Fane AXA12.

Download 2 Samples to Test for Yourself!

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