KPA Big Pack


93 Profiles and 19 Performances from 7 amazing amps for one low price!
The Amps:
1. Vox AC50
2. Fender Vibroverb
3. Marshall '68 SuperLead
4. Marshall JTM (Modified by Gower)
5. Kasha Rockmod
6. Krank Krankenstein
7. BBE Acoustimax (Pedal Acoustic DI)

Every amp features:
1. Full DI and 2 Studio Cabs (each cab is different for each amp)
2. Fully dialed in and ready to play/record profiles
3. FX Slots dialed in (You just activate)
4. Separate Performances for each amp

This pack gives you everything you need to easily get and use great tones for your Kemper!

Download a Sample to Test for Yourself!

Mattfig · KPA Big Pack