LStar Profile Pack


36 Profiles and 2 Performances made from a "perfect specimen" Mesa Lonestar Special amp. Studio and DI included!
These profiles range from spanky clean through very solid crunch. They are broken down into 3 categories so you can dial in for what you need:
Spank - Nice full high end and well rounded tone with no harsh frequencies.
Norm - Straight up dialed in to be great for rock, blues, polka, etc.
Tweed - All the tone with more girth and push! Rip those solos on these and people will take notice.
The Studio Cabs are:
Mesa 112 w/ C90 Black Shadow speaker
Mesa 212 w/ C90 Black Shadow and Celestion Gold speakers.

Download 2 Samples to Test for Yourself!

Mattfig · LStar Profile Pack