48 Profiles and 2 Performances made from a Marshall Vintage/Modern. This is my favorite variation on the classic Marshall tone coming from four KT66 power tubes giving the tone some extra girth.
I have been gravitating to Friedman and other types of amps over the years as I believe they tend to be more consistent and provide a very nice and refined Marshall-esque tone...However, there is something about a Marshall that has just a hint of chaos in the tone - the Vintage/Modern has this!

The pack features clean, low, mid and high gain levels. WIth complete DI and 2 studio Cabs.
412 - V30s/Lynchbacks
212 - Greenback/V30

MB on Profiles denotes Mid Boost Engaged
SS on Profiles denotes Special Sauce Employed (It's an old effects buffer)

Download 3 Samples to Test for Yourself!

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