The OR120 is such an amazing amplifier and these profiles have captured it in its best light. There are 44 profiles and 4 Performances.
Profiles are labeled as Low Gain (LG), Mid Gain (MG), and High Gain (HG).
There are 3 different cabs and full DI:
412: Orange with V30/M25 speakers
212: Orange with V30/Greenback
410: 410SVT (Used only on Bass profiles)
The profiles are broken into four unique sets:
(Dark) FAC Switch at 2 resulting in a darker but very useable tone.
(Norm) FAC Switch at 3 resulting in a well balanced tone.
(Bright) FAC Switch at 4 resulting in a great tone that gives some breathing room to the bass player's tone.
(Bass) FAC Switch at 1 and through a 410SVT cab.

Download 2 Samples to Test for Yourself!

Mattfig · OR120 from www.mattfig.com