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Image of Slodano

These profiles are from a 2020 SLO30 Amp. They are thick and amazingly rich in tone, just as you would expect from this amp!

6 Studio Configurations + full DI

412#1 is a SLO 412 with V30s
412#2 is an Orange 412 with Heritage speakers
412 Mix#1 is 3 1971 Marshall 412s with Greenbacks and V30s
412 Mix#2 is a Marshall, SLO, and Orange 412
212 is Mesa with Celestion EVH and V30
212Mix is Bogner OS 212 and Mesa 212

There are 72 profiles using low, medium, and high gain on each channel plus added profiles using a KHDK Ghoul Screamer TS Boost.

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Samples here:
Hey guys,

If you are on the fence about getting my new Slodano pack, here are a couple profiles to try for yourselves.


Mattfig ยท Slodano from mattfig.com