Wiz Capture Pack

$18.99 On Sale

36 Professional Captures of a rare Wizard MCII Amp through a Bogner 412 (V30 and Greenbacks) and a Orange 212 (CL80 and Greenback) and complete DI!
This amp has a tightness associated with amps such as ENGL but a tone that is more of a Modern Marshall type thing. It is unique and available in all gain stages and settings for your ToneX system!
You get 4 channels:
Rhythm (Rtm): Impressive Clean through some low gain tones
Rhythm Boost (RtmBst): Classic rock tone, less bass than lead channel and great with both humbuckers and single coils.
Lead: Nice, fat tone. This is a great modern rhythm guitar tone!
Lead Boost (LeadBst): This is what most will come for! Thick, rich tone that has immediate attack and endless sustain. These amps cost a ton of money for a reason. This channel is that reason.

Download Fig LeadBst MG 412