BE100 3.0


The Amp
This is my third official BE100 profile pack. The first two were great for a while until I realized that I could now make them even better! I did this final pack to be the perfect BE100 tone pack. I spent an enormous amount of time on the amp first. New top shelf tubes, negative feedback set to 2015 specs (more aggressive tone), and a few tweaks that you will notice that put this particular Friedman BE-100 amp (built and modified by Dave himself) in a different class. I then dialed it in and ran over a thousand test profiles to be certain that every single profile pops in the sweetest spots.
The Cabs
1. “Harold” is a 1981 beat up Marshall 4x12 loaded with Celestion G12-65-75Hz Lead speakers. It offers a unique classic tone that is balanced for rock tones.
2. “Peeps” is an Orange PPC412HP loaded with Celestion G12M and G12H speakers. This is the most modern cab in the pack offering a punchy low end and focused tone for both kinds of music, rock a​nd​ metal.
3. “Francis” is a Friedman 412 loaded with Celestion Greenbacks and Vintage 30s the mics are on the V30s. This provides the most chime for your dime and the most classic example of this tone.
4. “Frenchie” is a Friedman 412 loaded with Celestion Greenbacks (mic’d) and Vintage 30s. This is the most balanced pack in the bunch offering a perfect tonal palette for any genre of tone.
5. “N/A” There is also a complete set of DI profiles in this pack. These are dialed in specifically to make your traditional cab sound just like this amazing amp. I promise you that these DIs are balanced, tight, and offer the complete range of tones available from this amp. P​ air them with your favorite IR to make your own perfect BE100 tone!

299 total profiles!