Liquid FMan Plex


48 brand new liquid profiles made from a Friedman Plex (YES, THE NEW ONE) through Marshall 412, Friedman 212, and Full DI.
You get all the following options:
Bright or Normal
412, 212 or DI
High or Low Voltage
Hi or Lo Input
And all combinations!!!
This amp delivers huge British tone and the profiles capture it perfectly. You can roll back your guitar volume for a gorgeous clean or just roll the gain back on that liquid profile. These profiles are the result of many hours spent experimenting and trial and error. I am proud to say that these profiles are accurate enough to make it like you just brought this hot, new amp home yourself!
If you have looked at this amp, you know that there are two volumes that coincide with the inputs on the old 68 Marshall that this amp is designed to sound like. This is a huge dynamic in how this amp responds and sounds. Therefore, I have included a (V2) section that has increased gain from Volume II which adds girth to the sound. You get both!!!

Labeling works as such: Example: Fig Plex HV Hi MG 412
High Voltage, Hi Input, Mid Gain into 412

Mattfig · Mattfig Liquid FMan Plex Demos