BE100 4.0


Why BE100 4.0?

The Friedman BE100 is my favorite amp of all time. It can do virtually any genre of music and is perfect for my personal needs.
I released version 3.0 without even a thought of doing any more. One day I took apart my entire signal chain and rebuilt it in some new configurations and with different mics. Naturally, I used my BE100 for testing. The result was immediately the best I had to date. I went through about 20 different cabinets and mic positions to refine. The result is BE100 4.0.

For this round, I added a JAN GE5751 for the BE Channel and Mullard 12AX7 for HBE. It gives a much more clear distinction between the channels that was not as evident on previous releases. The BE is much more plexi style and the HBE adds the extra oomph and harmonics.


What cabs are used?

412Cab is a Bogner 412 with V30s and T75s, both are mic’d.
410Cab is a Bogner 410 with Celestion Blue Label 10s
Why a 410?
I wanted to include something different. While I am fully aware that few would choose this as their main cab, it is worth a look when you are trying to seat something in a mix that standard cabs are lacking. There is a pronounced midrange but I took precautions to allowing to get honky. Mix it with a traditional 412 or 212 and see for yourself.

212Cab is a Bogner 212 with Greenback and V30, both are mic’d.
412Mix is a 4 412s, all mic’d. 1981 Marshall, EVH5150, Bogner, and Mesa. Yes, phasing was an issue and the blending took considerable time. The result is a huge and clear tone that moves some serious air.

DI- Complete DIs available for you to merge with your favorite Impulse Responses.


How are they labeled?

This BE100 has a toggle for gain structure. That is the basis for the labeling. They are labeled LG (Low Gain), MG (Mid Gain), and HG (Hermaphrodite Giraffe).

So the progression works as such, LG (Cool) meaning “cool” in terms of gain through LG(Hot) meaning gain up.

Each cabinet is mentioned in the rig name as well.

+TS means plus a KHDK Ghoul Screamer TS Boost.


Do you use single coils or humbuckers when profiling?

Both! There is a complete set of tones labeled “Fat” that have the Freidman “Fat” Switch enabled to make those single coil guitars sound great!

I would like to add that some profiles and amps, for that matter, make it difficult to have a good high gain tone in a mix. These are dialed in and you might even forget you are playing singles when you hear the rich and chewy tone.


What else is different about this pack from previous versions?

Aside from the much more open and dynamic tone, there is a special something going on with the amp to add punch. Not gain, just a true punch that adds oopmh even to the clean tones.

There are also 8 performances included so you can plug and play with FX included. These include DI performances if you want to use a traditional cab with your Kemper.

159 total profiles. ______________________________________________________________
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