Fedner Twin


36 Profiles and 2 Performances made from an early 1960s Fender Twin Amplifier. These profiles capture this classic set of tones perfectly.
The pack is comprised of 3 different sets of Clean, Low Gain (LG), Mid Gain (MG), and High Gain (HG). The sets include:
Cool (Amp running at recommended bias and gain)
Warm (Amp running warmer than usual resulting in a thicker and warmer sound)
Hot (Amp being pushed to the max without blowing up resulting in a satisfying tone that would normally kill your tubes in hours)
There are two 212s and complete DI.
212C is a Custom 212 using a Celestion Creamback and Fender CTS.
212D is also a Custom 212 using a Celestion V30 and a Altec 417.

Download 2 Samples to Test for Yourself!

Mattfig · Fedner Twin from www.mattfig.com