Liquid 5153 Profiles


12 Brand New Liquid Profiles created from an EVH 5150III head and cab (EVH412, Sunn412 and EVH212) along with DI.
These are NOT retrofitted profiles! They were meticulously created using the latest Kemper technology and professional studio gear.
You get the Green, Blue, and Red channels in all their glory!
With Liquid Profiling, it is like you have the amp right there with you responding to every variable you wish to dial in!
***You will need the latest Kemper OS to use these profiles properly!

412.1 is an EVH 412 with Celestion EVH and Greenback in X Pattern
412.2 is a Sound City 412 with Fane Customs
212 is an EVH 212 with Celestion EVH

Mattfig · Liquid 5153 Demos