Liquid Buddha Profile Pack


Question: How can you make a Liquid Profile when there is not a Budda Amp Model on the Kemper?
Answer: The JCM800 amp model fits perfectly and works flawlessly with the Budda. When a Budda model becomes available, all purchasers will receive a free update.

This pack contains 12 brand new Liquid Profiles created from a Budda Superdrive 80 Series II Amp. For those keeping record, this was the amp that Dave Friedman consulted on and you can hear it.
You get the clean and OD channels with Modern or Vintage voicing as well as the clean channel.
The profiles are created with DI and through 2 cabs:
412: Sunn 412 w/unknown brand speakers - HUGE sounding
212: DZ 212 w/Greenback and BritV30

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