Liquid DShirl Profile Pack


24 brand new liquid profiles made from a Friedman Dirty Shirley amplifier through 3 different 412s (Bogner, Sunn, Custom) and 3 different 212s (Avatar, Friedman, Custom) as well as DI.
This is the sound of classic rock with all the dynamics and tone of the amp itself.
The profiles use both the High and Low Inputs which are clearly marked on each profile. Since this amp originally began with a JTM, that is the perfect tonestack to create the liquid set and the profiles respond exactly as the amp does!
There are 12 standard Liquid profiles and then 12 more marked with a V2. The V2 set features more crisp high end due to mic movements and setup changes to the signal change.
The FX blocks come pre-programmed and are fully setup for the floor board/stage as well.

Mattfig · Liquid DShirl (Dirty Shirley) Profile Demos Mattfig