Liquid OR120 Profile Pack


13 brand new Liquid Profiles created from a 1972 Orange OR120 Amp. This amp has the famous FAC Switch which colors the tone wonderfully for different guitars AND BASSES. Yes, this pack also contains Bass Profiles made through an Ampeg 410 and DI.
The guitar cabs are Orange PPC 412 and 212 and full DI.

The layout is as such:
Bright (Brt) is FAC in position 4 - This is great with most guitars and especially good with darker sounding ones. Lots of shiny top end.
Normal (Norm) is FAC in position 3 - This is the sweet spot for most guitars.
Dark is FAC in position 2 - Also very good with most guitars but great for taming bright instruments.
Bass is FAC in position 1 - GREAT BASS TONE and surprisingly useable guitar tones too.

Mattfig · Liquid OR120 Profiles