Liquid Wiz Profile Pack


Question 1: Do you know that your title sounds like a pee pee joke?
Answer: haha, I know...

Question 2: Yes, I know there is not a Wizard Amp Model on the Kemper to create an "authentic" liquid profile.
Answer: The JCM800 Amp Model fits like a glove and when a Wizard amp model becomes available, everyone who purchased gets the update.

This pack contains 20 brand new liquid profiles created from a Wizard MCII Amplifier through 2 412s, 2 212s, and DI.
412.1 = Marshall Checkerboard 412 w/ Greenbacks
412.2=Bogner 412 w/V30 and Greenbacks
212.1=Avatar 212 w/CL80 and Greenback
212.2=Friedman 212 w/V30 and Greenback

You get 4 channels:
Rhythm (Rtm): Impressive Clean through some low gain tones
Rhythm Boost (RtmBst): Classic rock tone, less bass than lead channel and great with both humbuckers and single coils.
Lead: Nice, fat tone. This is a great modern rhythm guitar tone!
Lead Boost (LeadBst): This is what most will come for! Thick, rich tone that has immediate attack and endless sustain. These amps cost a ton of money for a reason. This channel is that reason.

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